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Created in 1999 and currently spearheaded by Marie-Ange Teste, the GeT-Biopuces core-facility is one of the first platform of the Génopôle Toulouse Midi Pyrénées (GenoToul).

Labellised IBISA and certifiée ISO 9001 since 2010, the GeT-Biopuces core-facility is dedicated in transcriptomics and genomics and offers service delivery and/or collaboration (R&D).

The Core Facilities and staff offer its expertise and advanced tools for sequencing, microarrays and analysis of bioinformatics and statistical data.

Thanks to the know-how of its multidisciplinary team, you are assisted along your project from its conception to the availability of raw or processed data.

Lots of academic (INRAE, CNRS, INSERM, IFREMER...) and private partners have trusted us to collaborate on fundamental or applied research projects in various fields such as microbiology, biotechnology, agri-food industry, health and the environment. Intellectual property issues and non-disclosure agreements can be discussed with the legal department of INSA.

The GeT-Biopuces platform is part of a cutting-edge multi-site core facility in Toulouse, named GeT for ‘Genome and Transcriptome’.

Thus we propose one of the most complete offers in France in the field of genomics and transcriptomics: DNA chips, small and long fragment high throughput sequencing technologies, ddPCR and single- cell

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    Marie Ange Teste Platform and Administrative Manager- Biologist
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    Lidwine Trouilh Sequencing and Biochips Services (Agilent - Affymetrix - custom) Quality Manager
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    Nathalie Marsaud Sequencing and Biochips Services (Agilent - Affymetrix - custom)
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    Delphine Labourdette Bioinformatics and statistical data analysis (NGS and microarrays). Design of custom microarrays
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    Etienne Rifa Targeted metagenomics analysis RNAseq, GenomeSeq
    Bioinformatician Biostatistician

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